Days of Prayer have been refreshing blessings in our church family for many years, now. We give thanks to God that after the pandemic now we can be back in person in the church for a Day of Prayer. Our Summer Day of Prayer is from 10:00 to 22:00 on Saturday 28 May in the New Prayer Room!

Summer Day of Prayer 10:00 – 22:00, Saturday 28 May 2022

Our New Prayer Room is compact and cosy, welcoming and ready for prayer warriors to fill it and decorate if with their prayers! It is what was known as the Vestry! Now it is the home base and powerhouse of Prayer at SSCB!

We are inviting you to make good use of this space and opportunity to come into the presence of God Almighty, our Heavenly Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ with your prayers, devotion, and love.

Specifically, we invite you to pray for revival! Make this day, 28 May a day of prayer and fasting for revival. Pray and fast as the Lord and His Spirit leads you. Make it the beginning of your committed prayers and fasting for Revival!

Why should you pray for revival?

Revival is an in-breaking of God’s kingdom into our broken and suffering world with the grace, mercy and love of God and reorders our lives, reorders our church, and transforms the world so it will be never the same again! Revival humbles many and saves many! That’s why you should pray for revival! Here are some suggestions how to pray and what to pray for. These are only a few, add your owns as the Spirit leads you.

  • Pray for revival, pray for God’s power to be manifest around us and in us, making us faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8)! We, humans have got power and ability to do great things, achieve amazing feats, but our power and abilities have been corrupted by sinfulness and we can never achieve and do what God can do in the world! Pray for Holy Spirit to be poured out in greater measure into your life, into our church family!
  • Pray for revival, pray for a great awakening (Acts 3:19-20). We have become so sleepy towards God, not just towards sermons! Pray to be awakened, refreshed to the full majesty and glory of God, as Isaiah did (Isaiah 6:1-8)!
  • Pray for revival, pray for the salvation of people around you, in your home, workplace, in our schools, hospitals, police stations, shops, neighbourhood, and not forgetting the church! A revived church is noticed by others, and they will ask the questions: What does this mean? What shall we do? (Acts 2:12; 2:37), which brings them to faith in Jesus! Pray that Jesus will be lifted up in our lives as a church family, He will be honoured, and people will be drawn to him!
  • Pray for revival with expectancy! Trust and expect God hearing you and acting in immeasurable might in response to your prayer (Ephesians 3:20)! Don’t pray for God to help us in our work but pray that He will pour out his Holy Spirit immeasurably greater than we can imagine, to do His work in us!
  • Plead with the Lord in your prayers, persist, don’t give up but pray for revival consistently (Luke 11:5-13). Ask God to do once more what you read about in Scripture! Pray and ask Him to be faithful to His great Name! Ask the Lord: Will you do this again? Glorify your name among us, in our city once more! Do it for the sake of Christ!
  • Wait for the Lord! Don’t just ask Him but wait and listen. Wait for His timing, and action, and when He moves, you must move also! Listen, obey, and act as He moves you by His Spirit (Acts 2:1-12)!
  • Pray for revival because God is still God! He is our God, and he alone is our hope! The world around us seems to fall apart, sin is powerful, evil seems to be winning. But our hope and trust are in God Almighty! He is still God! And nothing can move Him! Jesus is alive and He is on the throne in heaven and has authority over heaven and earth, and He will not be moved from there! He is your hope, our hope! Pray with hope for revival!
  • Pray for revival with humble, repentant heart! Ask God, what is hindering Him and His purposes in your own life? What hinders Him moving in power in our church family? What hinders Him to move in might and grace in the church in Scotland? What hinders Him to move in saving grace in our land and nation? Ask Him what do we need to change, cleanse, purify in our lives, in our church family life, in your own life?  And when He answers, respond to Him in repentance and let Him move the hindrances, obstacles away! ‘Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.’ (Acts 3:19-20).

So, make time and come and pray and fast! Book a time period on the sign-up sheet below and: Pray with passion! Pray with humility! Pray with urgency! Pray with expectancy! Pray without ceasing! Come and pray for Revival! For the only way to blot out evil, sin, and darkness in your own heart, in the church, and the world is letting the glory of God shining forth in power! Come Lord Jesus!

[from GV, inspired by and based on David McLemore: Why Your Church Should Pray for Revival]

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