“The burning sand will become a pool, the thirsty ground bubbling streams…” (Isaiah 35:7)

In recent times the alarm bells of Climate Change have been ringing louder and louder, and not without reason! We are receiving increasing number of reports of the devastating effect of climate change, how once life-giving, abundant, bubbling parts of the world now are becoming desert like, lifeless and barren. All this is causing economic and social problems too. Climate Change became a negative phrase, creating fear in our hearts.

The Prophet Isaiah in chapter 35 of his book speaks about Climate Change. A different kind of Climate Change that we should not be afraid of. A Climate Change that we all need. A Climate Change that can transform life in us and around us. The prophet uses vivid pictures describing this Climate Change transforming depravity to joyful life filled existence.

He gives a devastating picture of human life where the life-giving, and life sustaining God is not present! It is like the desert, a wasteland, barren, dry, lifeless, hopeless, joyless. But when God is present, His grace and love water and refresh the baren human soul, one’s life will become like a meadow. God changes the climate! His love and mercy create conditions for life that is flourishing, abundant, colourful, hopeful, and joyous. That life bears witness the glory of the LORD, and the splendour of God. (Isaiah 35:1-2)

Without God one loses their strength, they become powerless. The hands become feeble, the knees give way, the hearts become fearful. But when God redeems you, the fear is gone, your steps become steady, there is a purpose in life, and you are filled with the hope of the Almighty. (Isaiah 35:3-4)

Without God we can’t function as we are supposed to. We don’t see, hear, talk, or carry ourselves as we are meant to, for our heart is hardened. But when the climate changes, and God’s saving grace waters the soul, the blinded eyes see, the deafened ears hear, the lame leap in gladness, and the mute shout for joy. (Isaiah 35:5-6)

Without God the desert-like life continues to struggle. If that describes your life, you need a Climate Change! You need God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ to revive your life, heart, soul, and mind. Jesus offers you life-giving water (John 4:10) that will make your life grow, flourish, and bear fruit. (Isaiah 35:6-7) [To Be Continued]

[from GV]

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