The Cross that Conquers

I assume you were just as much shocked as the rest of the world was when the news about the devastating fire at Notre Dame church in Paris reached you. We just don’t expect such things to happen. We are not ready for news about the gunning down of a US president as JFK, or the fatal accident of Princess Diana, or the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. Somehow we just can’t imagine that such things even could happen. But they do. Bad things happen. Evil things happen. They happen to us too. Is there any protection, insurance against them?

There is! Thanks be to God that there is. He is the protection. He offered salvation to all who seek Him and call on His name: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:13) Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose from the dead is our salvation, and safety.

I found the images about the burnt down Notre Dame very moving. One image in particular was inspiring, even encouraging – strange it might sound at first. But it was encouraging. It is the image of the cross of the church. All around it there is darkness, burnt out walls covered with soot. Rubble everywhere, beams that turned into charcoal, pieces of the collapsed roof, scorched pews. It was all dark and grim. It was devastating and hopeless. But in the background there was the cross that was shining! The cross of Christ that brought light and hope into the darkness. It is just emerging powerfully, irresistibly out of the soot, rubble, ruins, and hopelessness. In its simplicity proclaiming life, hope, light, and glory! What an Easter symbol in a very real life situation! His cross conquers your sorrows, sins, and fears too!

I hope that anyone who has seen that image were grasped by the power of the cross. We celebrate the power of the cross in particular at Easter time! The cross of Christ is our hope for it conquered evil and sin, it was victorious over death. It was meant to devastate, to destroy, to annihilate, and it became the sign of hope and new life. For Christ was raised form the dead! Glory to Him, to the risen Saviour.

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! … He is risen indeed!