A group of young professionals who achieved much quickly in their career visited their favourite old college lecturer during their reunion. They enjoyed each other’s company, but the conversation drifted off to a negative tone, complaining about the demands and the pressures of their work and responsibilities.

Their lecturer offered them coffee and brought in a big tray of coffee cups of different sizes and makes, some fine bone china, others plastic, or glass, simple mugs, and some ornate delicate ones too. They all picked a cup for themselves and the lecturer commented:

“Have you noticed that all the nice and fine cups were taken, leaving behind the ordinary and simple plastic ones. You all, quite naturally, want the best of everything for yourselves. But this is the source of your stress and problems too. What you all wanted was coffee and not the cup! Still, you consciously chose the better, bigger, nicer cups while you watched what others are picking up.”

The penny dropped for the ex-students:

“We assume than that Life is the coffee, and our work, positions, money are the cups. They are just tools for Life. They don’t really add to the quality of life. And by paying so much attention and using so much energy in choosing the “right” cup we miss enjoying and making the most of the coffee that’s in it. Thank you for continuing teaching us of things that really matter.”

Jesus said that He came to give us Life in abundance or as some translations put it to the full (John 10:10)! Pay more attention to the Life and the Life Giver this coming week, and always, to enjoy the full flavour of His Life. And you will see, somehow, only Jesus knows how, He will make “the cup” of your life nicer and better too!

[inspired by the Facebook post of Nagyvárad Olaszi Reformed Church in Romania]

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