We began our E-pistle newsletter in March 2020. It was a brand-new experience for all of us, brought about by the pandemic. For the first time we were distributing our newsletter by email, which was a great way to reach people as we were all confined to our homes.

We called it E-pistle, being inspired by the epistles (letters) of Paul in the New Testament. He was reaching far away congregations and individual Christians by his epistles encouraging, challenging, teaching, and blessing them. It was his way of being in touch with them from a distance. We hoped to do the same with our newsletter, and as ours is edited and distributed electronically the title became: E-pistle, a bit like E-mail.

Now, on 25 February 2022 we reached issue 100 of E-pistle. Perhaps it is not a huge milestone as far as periodicals are concerned, but we are posing for a wee while to give thanks to God for all He did through it.

So, please stop for a while and recall the pieces you found particularly encouraging, comforting or blessed by, even challenged, and give thanks to God for them that he used them in a personal way to come close to you. 

The aim of the newsletter was and is to bring you news, information, Scripture message, godly hope, and encouragement, sharing our faith and joy with each other. Many have contributed articles and pieces, words that God placed on their hearts. We are extremely grateful for that. Having a new issue of E-pislte in your inbox is the result of real teamwork! People are contributing ideas, articles, devotions, producing images, sharing information, editing and publishing it. It happens regularly each week. It is not in your inbox by magic, but through committed hard work. We are grateful to each and every one who contributed to it, through whose service God encouraged, blessed, and challenged us in the past two years.

The newsletter does not and cannot substitute the church fellowship. That is not the aim. But it is a real blessing helping us passing on God’s Word of encouragement and being in touch letting people know what is going on. Its aim is to continue to bless and build up the church family.

Thank you for reading E-pistle, for responding to some of the messages, for sharing it with others, for engaging with it week by week. We hope you find it a blessing as we continue with E-pistle. 

We close our thanksgiving, and this stop along memory lane with the words Paul often used at the end of his epistles:

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

[from GV]

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