New Sermon Series about Heaven and Life After Death

As I created the image for the sermon series, I noticed the unintended pun in it: ‘Coming Soon – The Life to Come’. I suppose it is very true. We don’t know how soon ‘the life that is to come’ will come! In some cases, it comes well before we expect it, never mind being prepared for it! Are you prepared for it? I know, I know, this is not a comfortable question! It is a bit easier to ask you in print, but don’t you worry I will ask you face to face, and eye to eye in these coming sermons! Are you prepared for the life that is to come?

Recently we explored the Book of Revelation and celebrated the Resurrection at Easter. They directed our attention even if we did not want it to heaven and life after death. Heaven, and life that is to come have been very much before us. In our present age life, death and heaven are subjects that people don’t want to think and talk about or even hear about. But we need to think about life, death and heaven, because whether we like it or not it will come to of us all! Sadly, many even in the church have confusing notions about life, death, heaven and hell. Many are not prepared for them at all. In these sermon series we will consider what the Bible says about what happens after we die. After all, the Author (God) knows it best. He has experienced them both and offers the opportunity to all of us to experience eternal life with Him!

I hope this series will guide you to know how to receive eternal life! So don’t miss the series, after all the life to come will be coming soon! The sermon series begin on Sunday 18 April.

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