During these three months of lockdown we have seen many images of the good, the bad and [sadly] the ugly.

Captan Tom with his determination captivated the hearts of the nation. Amazing NHS staff up and down the land served sacrificially and faithfully the suffering, many of them did so in mortal danger (the figures are not absolutely certain but it is estimated that over 300 NHS staff and care workers died of, or related to COVID-19!). Patrick Hutchinson rescued and carried a white (apparently drunken and allegedly far-right protestor) to safety as anger and violence escalated during demonstrations in London.

Some of these pictures became iconic, faces became recognisable. To some we can attach a name, or incident, but there are many more millions of pictures, and people, who are nameless that served, helped, supported others with their talents, love and generosity. What do you see looking at these images? A 100 year old veteran? Exhausted, NHS workers? A black man carrying a white man? Or do you see Jesus among us in the lockdown wearing many faces?

They are captivating images of captivating people engaged in captivating actions – the many faces of the Captivating Lord, and Saviour, Jesus Christ – doing good, showing mercy, saving lives!

John writes in his Gospel that God became human and moved into our neighbourhood! As Jesus did that people saw His glory, and from the fullness of His grace they all received one blessing after another! (John 1:14, and 1:16)

The lockdown is easing, and many are planning to visit their loved ones, catch up with friends, have a break, even a holiday. We all are eagerly waiting for the lockdown and the restrictions to disappear! Will Jesus, goodness, kindness, mercy, and love also disappear from the neighbourhood together with the lockdown?

Jesus called us to be His witnesses in the world, in our neighbourhood. To be His many faces – young and old, black and white, male and female – in every neighbourhood! Will you continue being a face of Jesus in your neighbourhood?

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