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Whether you use social media or not it’s a huge influence in today’s world, particularly on our young people. Join me in bringing social media to Jesus, laying it at His feet:

Belonging and Community: Online community is the only community some of us are experiencing just now! But online community is not new for young people. Communities of interest, education, support, and entertainment, all have their own ways of connecting. Although they are very different to physical communities, like our church family, they are building on the same blocks, being know, sharing and belonging. Although online community has many pitfalls, it trumps physical community in one area: Accessibility. If you have internet connection then its instantly available, 24-7, 365!

Generation-Z have lots of words for their positive feelings (chill, yeet, lit, dope, bet, gucci, fire) and indeed their negative feelings! Much of their vocabulary bleeds from the online world into the park, classroom and youth culture. In this way we see how the online world has influence over the younger generations. Lets pray for kingdom come and Jesus influence on the online world.


  1. For Christian influencers online who often face a lot of criticism but play a vital role in making the Gospel, the wisdom of God and the truth accessible on the online world amid a vast array of worldly messages.
  2. For our young people to let the Holy Spirit guide and filter their consumption and interaction with media, online communities and for protection for their heart as they discover the vast online world.

“Father we thank you that you are even more accessible than the online world! 24-7, 365 is not a problem for you, God who watches over our youth and will not allow their feet to slip; you are the protector who does not slumber or sleep (Psalm 121,3-4). You are Emmanuel God who is with us. Closer than the phone in the hand. Lord, help our young people to share light, friendship and love online.” Amen

[from Philip Anderson, Youth Worker]

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