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Our buildings serve a number of purposes. The Church of Scotland requires that we provide a home for the minister and his wife, much though we try to persuade them of the biblical examples of Jacob and his stone pillow; David and his dark cave. Our church provides a focal point (alongside computer screens) to worship God together. It provides a signpost for the wider community – church is not God, but if someone comes in, we can make the introductions! Our church has been highlighted by Edinburgh Presbytery as a flagship building, given its location on an access route into the city.

Our church building in particular (but also the manse) is a link to those who have gone before. This building was their vision. They built and stewarded it and it is now ours to use and steward. Therefore we must do so in context and empathy for that early vision; but not being bound and limited by it.

We know that church is the people not the building, but with regard to the building, what does it represent – what should it signify?

We want it to be seen as place of Hope, Peace, Devotion, Silence, Serenity, Grace and Calm. Do you remember the “Lavender” articles in earlier editions of the E-pistle? They came out of this TKC prayer initiative, and we looked long and hard at what a church – building and people – might be if we follow those themes. Pause and consider anew each of them – does our church represent them to you?

We want our church to be a welcoming place where people encounter Jesus. Do you feel welcomed? Do you encounter Jesus here? When people do so, then they will feel both free and drawn to express themselves in worship.

What needs to change? We need to be adaptable – in empathy with the early vision. Some changes have been made over the years and some significant updating and refurbishment is in process now. Please pray and be on the journey as this unfolds. Some changes will be immediate and dramatic (new toilets at last!) whilst others will be more subtle and nuanced. But it should simply reflect and enable our worship of God: Jesus was dramatic, subtle and nuanced, all with the purpose of pointing us to God the Father.

We need more funds to complete the 20/20 Vision Refurbishment. The response has been so generous and positive to date, and further funds will speed the refurbishment to completion, enabling us to do all that we dream and hand on a relevant building. Our building will be more flexible and incorporate more technology – this will make it attractive as a community hub and perhaps an after-school drop-in centre – a safe place to be and to meet Jesus.

We could just sell the building, rent a hall at Broughton HS and disperse the money – not an entirely facetious remark – but we believe we have heard through prayer that we are to build this house of prayer into many things: Hope, Peace, Devotion, Silence, Serenity, Grace and Calm.

That requires support from all: finance, love, care, prayers and attention. Please spare some of that for the buildings and contact:

[from Timothy Pitt]

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