We invite you to join many others of and beyond the church family of SSCB in praying for each other and for current needs and the ongoing ministry of our church.

We ask you to set apart 30 minutes of Saturday, 30th January and commit it to praying. Just book a 30 minutes slot anytime from 10:00 to 22:00 and pray.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, how long or short you have been in the church family, if you are a seasoned praying person, or you never tried it before, we’d love you to join in. There are different ways to do it. Here are a few suggestions to encourage you.

Prayer Topics

We have a number of prayer topics that will help you focus on what to pray for. These topics emerged at the last day of prayer in 2020. Choose as many topics to pray for as you want. Here is the link to the topics.

30 Minutes Prayer Time

Half an hour prayer seems a lot. In fact it isn’t. But if you never prayed for that long it is good to have a structured plan for it.

  1. Start with a short prayer, like: Lord I want to set this time apart to be in your presence, pray to you, listen to you. Focus my mind, heart and soul on Jesus, my Saviour. Guide my thoughts, give me the words to worship and praise your holy Name as I pray. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 
  2. Read a passage from the Bible, a Psalm, or a Gospel passage to focus your thoughts and to inspire your prayer.
  3. Offer your praise to God. Take your hymn book and choose a hymn, your favourite one. Sing it to God or read it as a prayer. Or listen to worship music.
  4. Begin to pray:
    1. Ask God to tell you which prayer topic He wants you to pray for. Spend time praying through that topic. Let God lead you as you pray. You might want to write down some of the things God tells you regarding that topic.
    2. Alternatively use the headings of the prayer topics to pray:
  • Prayer – Lord teach me to pray; pray the Lord’s Prayer;
  • Fellowship – pray for the church family, people you know, or who would normally sit close to you in church, or who were in the same breakout room at the last Zoom Service as you were, recall what you talked about and pray for them.
  • People – Pray for people that are close to you: family, friends, neighbours, those who are ill, or bereaved, front line workers, etc.
  • Mission – Pray for the ministry of SSCB, the staff at the church: Youth Worker (present and future), Operations Coordinator, cleaner, minister. Pray for the volunteers: Sunday Club, Youth Fellowship, Welcome Team, Hospitality Team, Lunch Club Team, Church Lunch Team, Praise Band, AV Team, Home Groups, Kirk Session. Pray for members of church family who serve in various organisations outside the church: Foodbank, Care Van, Bethany, EMMS, etc.
  • Discipleship – Ask the Lord to speak to you and to all of us through His Word and Holy Spirit that we may all grow together in faith, love and grace to be a mature body of Christ. Ask the Lord to show you how to share the gospel with your family, friends, neighbours, how to teach your children and grandchildren in the faith.
  • Worship & Teaching – Give thanks for God’s Word and that we can proclaim it and worship Him in freedom. Pray for faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God in our church family, in service, Sunday Club, Youth Fellowship, etc., and in the church in Scotland.
  • Buildings – Give thanks for the amazing buildings we inherited to worship and have fellowship in them. Pray for wisdom to use the premisses well for God’s glory. Pray for Vision2020 building project that it will begin soon and will be successfully accomplished. Pray for the needed funds for the project.
How to Pray?
  • Pray wherever you are, in whatever position you are most comfortable. Pray sitting or standing.
  • Go for a prayer walk!
  • Pray aloud or silently.
  • Pray alone, or with prayer friends on zoom.

The only thing we ask you to do is that you will pray for 30 minutes on 30th January.

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