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What do we do as a church that involves reaching out to the community? God stuff; fun stuff? We identified some missional themes during the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ day of prayer.

We are all called to share the Good News; to be contagious Christians, known by our love; equipped to be neighbours. So who are we and what skills and resources do we have? Who are our neighbours and what skills and resources do they need?

Three groups emerged from TKC, overlapping and interlinking:

Youth – important in our church family and in the schools around us, especially Broughton High School. Successive Youth Workers (and volunteers) have developed our offering, providing answers to the need. Our current Youth Worker’s valued relational mentoring cannot be overstated and we can look to enhance this in the next appointment. Is God calling us to a bigger mission that includes Families? Much of modern society is broken and empty – families lacking in godly example or simply too exhausted by the busyness of life and lacking in hope. Is there a calling to serve our community with a Youth Worker and a Families Worker? Is there a place for the young to be involved with the old, sharing knowledge and experience?

Older members of our church and community have long been valued and themselves provided value. Can we build on the ways we express that and provide mutual support? One aspect which emerged from TKC was feeding the lonely. Can we grow the Lunch Club? Those who are part of it have gained the food and lost the loneliness, finding fellowship and the love of Jesus, not just hot food and calories. The restrictions have paused much of this, but it is a key area of our mission in the wider community. Can you be part of the team preparing for the end of restrictions and the re-start of food and fellowship?

Everyone in community is important. We must identify their needs, what we can provide and what God calls us to do in mission. The CAP Debt Centre was transformational, reaching others and being drawn closer as clients became debt free and, importantly, came to faith. We ended it with a sense of a season completed; of time to lay it down. What will God lead us into next? How are we equipped to answer the busyness and isolation of families in our local community providing security and direction? Can we establish a CAP Money Budgeting course? Can we produce Couples, Parenting and Family courses? Can we partner with other churches for Alpha Courses delivered partly online? When the restrictions end, can we expand our use of the technology – use it to enhance, not just maintain?

In the church refurbishment, can we develop a safe after-school drop-in centre? Can we promote courses, learning, fellowship and skills with the church as a gathering point for the wider community, with the one constant being the love of Jesus?

From TKC we emerged with prayer points such as: dream big – what can we do – how can we deliver – what resources can we offer – how can we be active in our community?

So, go on then: start dreaming! What could you help host / do / teach for the community, reflecting the light of Jesus? What idea could we develop and roll out? Please contact the church office – with your input.

[from Timothy Pitt]

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