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And so the body is not made up of one part but of many. (1 Corinthians 12:14)

We consider the people involved in our church, their roles and service. We can pray the people and volunteer for some of the roles.

Congregation: you, me, us; together in person and by Zoom. We need each other because we are one body. We all celebrate a new birth at SSCB; we all rejoice in a coming to faith at SSCB. Why? Because we are family. Look out for each other; look after each other.

Visitors: We are blessed by visitors via ‘digital church’ including Zoom services and website and in the church itself restrictions permitting. We don’t want to look inwards, but to extend outwards, and so we acknowledge and bless ‘them’ as part of ‘us’ for we are all God’s family.

Cleaner: One of the subtle strengths of our cleaner is, I think, that she quite enjoys being taken for granted! You see you never really notice the cleanliness of our church for one simple reason: it is never dirty for you to have a comparison. This takes professionalism and thoroughness.

Stewards: When we meet in Church we never just walk in, ignored. We have a welcome and reassurance from our stewards. Currently, they have enhanced duties recording track and trace data and ensuring physically distanced seating. Their task is always undertaken with love – love for each person who comes into church. (We can always do with more stewards…)

AV Team: We have a small crew of volunteers who set up, operate and maintain. Usually one runs the Zoom link, one runs visuals including recorded music inserts and one runs sound (an important job is muting the minister when there’s any singing!). Helping regularly makes it straightforward – can you help?

Praise Band: Now, more than ever, we need to show them we care and to pray for them. It’s difficult for us not singing in church, but the Praise Band are denied their godly musical giftings to support our sung worship. So let’s uphold them, both while they cannot play and also once we are back. Maybe you are musical and could join? (No, the minister is still not allowed to sing.)

Operations Coordinator: Our recent appointment seems an age ago because our Coordinator has not only assumed the role but is already developing and growing it. But she is the Coordinator, not the ‘person who does.’ We all have an obligation to support her in tasks and activities. She provides logistics, direction and systems, and we must provide bodies (and prayer) so that she can … well … coordinate.

Youth Worker: As we look for a new Youth Worker, it’s not just our youth who we have learned from and been inspired by our current Youth Worker. Now, instead of job advert boxes to tick, we are holding conversations to understand who our new Youth Worker might be, what their vision is and how we can encourage them. Our Youth Worker has led a team serving and upholding the youth. So please pray for our current and future Youth Worker.

The Kirk Session: The Elders on Kirk Session manage the spiritual life of the church family and the physical life of the infrastructure. One of the elders – the Teaching Elder – is better known as the Minister, and supported by your prayers we serve and lead. Prayer together is developing a close band into a tight bond. We are providing training for others to explore a calling to serve as Elder. Pray for all.

Our church is not the building – it’s the people. And together we can unite under God, working on the mission which He has for us.

Each person is important. YOU are that important person. Together we are not just people but family. Please help look after your family – for more details.

[from Timothy Pitt]

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