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We want to encourage a commitment to prayer and provide opportunities to pray together.

As a church family, we have agreed that prayer is the foundation for our relationship with God in our individual life and church life. It is not just occasional prayer – a whispered “Lord, give me strength” or a polite “Thank you and bless you” – but being saturated in prayer. It is not just a shopping list or a thank you card, but a conversation with God.

Perhaps you are uncomfortable praying out loud. God hears your heart so we do not have to pray out loud, whether alone or with others.

There are many opportunities to pray and a church’s strength is the strength of its prayer life. There are everyday opportunities: as you go about your daily life. Consider everything you see, do or say and offer it up to God. Tell Him about it. He knows everything about us, but He chooses also to walk in our time, moment by moment. There are church family opportunities: events and fellowship. Some are well attended and others are, sadly, just a core few. 

Can you join one or more of the prayer initiatives, at least one and at least once, just to see?

  • Sunday before worship;
  • Thanksgiving and Intercession (Zoom or in Church; at the lectern or with the microphone brought to you);
  • Open Church for Quiet Reflection (Wednesdays at 1000 hrs if no Lockdown);
  • Church Monthly Prayer (first Wednesday of each month);
  • Prayer events (for example, ‘Pray Across The Pond’ with La Jolla Christian Fellowship in San Diego, praying with a sister church and its people);
  • SSCB Day of Prayer (perhaps taking a short prayer slot and feeding in what you gain from it as with the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative); and
  • Become part of the church family Prayer Team (a group of folks who commit time daily to pray for others and their prayer requests – see the Prayer Team page on this website).

And what could we pray about?

  • Pray for our Young People – our Youth Worker provides a note of prayer topics;
  • Pray for our church family – prayer points in each edition of the e-Pistle;
  • Pray for wider city, country and world events and people.

Prayer matters. You matter. Without prayer, without taking the time to talk with God, we lose so much of our fellowship with Him and our strength with each other. Please contact the Church office ( for the Zoom link / more details.

[from Timothy Pitt]

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