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Those involved in the TKC day of prayer had a variety of senses, pictures and themes centred on worship and teaching. First of all, it is good to worship the Lord!! It may sound trite, but it bears expressing (and repeatedly so): we should be thankful to God for His love for us, and in our response, we must seek anointing by the Holy Spirit – do that which is godly.

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
    worship the Lord in the splendour of his holiness. (Psalm 29:2)

We should give thanks for sound and godly teaching that comes to us in a number of ways, not just from the pulpit. Pausing first at the pulpit (well, the lectern … or currently the computer screen), give thanks that our Minister not only has sound doctrine and bible knowledge but a clear personal relationship with Jesus, which comes across strongly in his preaching. We do not come under this preaching just to be told charming stories of love and happiness. We come to be challenged; to be shown biblical themes that are relevant and important to us today; and to be directed closer to God. Pray for our Minister and all who preach, for their protection and their own walk with God, and for the preaching always to be Bible-based.

Our default is fellowship in church as we worship together, but give thanks that we have learned, developed and adapted to life online. We retain a sense of togetherness as we worship. Indeed, one success of this pandemic has been the number of church plants; we are not just church in the building, but we can now ‘be’ church to family and neighbours who may not otherwise attend. Truly, church is not the building but the people.

And so we can use online technology to enhance our worship together, not be limited by it.  Pray for guidance about what this might look like after the pandemic – perhaps not “either or” both “both and” for online and in church? How can we reach new people and look after each other both online and in person?

Our Sunday worship time is a busy time (whether in church or online), and again we should pray and give thanks for those involved in Children’s and Youth Work as well as the Praise and Worship Sunday evenings from which we have benefited so much.

We can worship God and benefit from teaching in our Home Groups with fellowship and mutual support. It is godly to be in a Home Group: the first ever small Home Group was Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Give thanks for many uplifting articles in the E-pistle: 5th March is edition 50. Perhaps this can develop into more of a conversation – anyone should feel free to submit a short article.

But the point is that we have a wide range of resources which help us to worship God and to gain from teaching about Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If we know about God then we can know Him better and knowing Him brings us naturally to worship Him.

[from Timothy Pitt]

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