Thomas Edison Sr. was very much fond of the Morse code. His first daughter, Marion was called in the family as Dot. When her brother, Thomas Alva was born they called him Dash. Apparently, Thomas Sr. proposed to his second wife (his first wife sadly died) using Morse code. The Morse code was very much part of the Edison children’s life from a very early age.

The story is told that on one occasion young Dash (Thomas Jr.) was waiting at the railway station for the arrival of his sister Dot.  The news came through that the railway bridge the train was supposed to cross before getting into the station collapsed. Panic broke out at the station for there was no way to notify the coming train about the danger waiting for it. Tragedy was looming! Young Dash had the idea to give Morse code signals to the arriving train with the whistle of a steam locomotive at the station. He hoped his sister will hear the code and interpret it in time for the train to stop. As it happened, she was asleep. But she was awoken by the shaking of the carriage and heard the signals. She instantly alerted others of the danger, but it took a while until some passengers (not all by any means) listened to her and pulled the emergency cord. Tragedy was avoided.

The Apostle Paul writes in his letter to the Ephesians:

‘Wake up, sleeper,
    rise from the dead,
    and Christ will shine on you.’
(Ephesians 5:14)

Paul’s quotation (probably from an early hymn) tells us that not everyone who is living is alive, and not everyone who is conscious is awake! From the story above it appears that some of the passengers who had their eyes open on the train were deeper in sleep than the young girl!

Are you awake or are you asleep? God sends waking calls to us too. He wants us to wake up to the truth that we have life only in Jesus Christ! We might seem to be active, moving about, have our eyes open, but we are in deep sleep, unaware of the danger ahead of us! They who hear the divine alarm and wake up realising their lost condition and stop their journey to be lost for ever, will truly live!

In this world there is a great pretence, lulling into a false sense of security, (‘chloroforming,’ if you like) going on! Evil tries to make us unaware about our real condition of sin by making it insignificant, or immaterial, or even calling it right and progressive, and by making us too busy to pay attention to it.

Give thanks to God that he sent His only Son to save us; has given His Word (not in Morse code but in a language we can understand!) to wake us up that we may stop and turn to Jesus for salvation.

Wake Up! in Morse Code

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