In the Bible we find the vivid account of the People of God’s Walk To Freedom from Egypt, the house of slavery (Exodus 20:2). Thankfully for most of us slavery is something we know only from history, books, or films, but we never actually experienced it.

Yet even today there are millions who know the harsh reality of slavery. Through our connection to Broughton High School we were invited to participate and become the physical starting point of a WALK FOR FREEDOM later in October. This is a walk in solidarity with those enslaved, trafficked, and abused. Kirsty Thomson, one of the teachers at Broughton High School explains what this is all about.

On the 16th of October, abolitionists all over the world will come together to shine a spotlight on human trafficking for A21’s 7th annual Walk For Freedom.
This event is a collective effort led by A21, a global anti-human trafficking organisation dedicated to abolishing slavery everywhere, forever. The Walk For Freedom is A21’s global response to human trafficking, rallying tens of thousands of people in cities around the world to fundraise and walk for the millions enslaved today.

A21 combats modern-day slavery through a multi-dimensional approach: Reach, Rescue, and Restore.

Walk For Freedom is an integral part of A21’s efforts to reach the vulnerable and prevent human trafficking from ever happening in the first place, as well as reaching people with the information to recognise and report human trafficking. Each step matters. Every step makes a difference.

There are millions who have yet to be freed—and we will continue to walk, to show up, and to raise awareness for the victims in our cities and around the globe still trapped in slavery. This year our local actions will multiply into a greater global impact than ever before.

A21’s hosts are rallying their communities and taking action. The event is not a protest, but a silent, single-file walk on behalf of the millions of men, women, and children who are trapped in slavery today.

The Walk for Freedom takes place in Edinburgh at 2pm on Saturday October 16th. Meeting at St Stephen’s Comely Bank. Please join us for this hour as we walk in silence and solidarity, eventually coming back to SSCB for a cup of hot refreshment.

Please join the Facebook event

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Thank you.

[from Kirsty Thomson and GV]

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