How is your advent preparation going? It is an exciting time and at St Stephen’s Comely Bank we are getting ready for Christmas to celebrate together and bless people with the love of God. While the building work is not completed yet the church changed into a festive mood! Rock Solid together with Sheila, and quite possibly some other unnamed helpers too, did a wonderful job decorating the church on Thursday, 2 December. Here is a little preview for you. But here is an idea, why wouldn’t you come and see it live in the church? We got plenty to offer to you and your family this Christmas – from Donkey’s Christmas Trail in Inverleith Park to the premier of The Chosen’s Christmas Special: The Messengers on the big screen (!), Christingle service (bring your own orange!), Watchnight Service, Christmas Day Pyjama Service from the comfort of your own home, and even a Boxing Day Service. Pick your choice, or even better, come to all of the events and services! We also got mince pies and hot drinks! We’d love to meet you there!

[from GV]

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