Remembrance Garden SSCB

There are 84 names to be found on our memorials. Seven of them were associated with the local churches of St Stephen’s Comely Bank and St Luke’s, and were also members of the Boys Brigade Company 1. Therefore their names are remembered on both the church rolls and the Boys Brigade roll. These 77 young men, casualties of brutal battles of the Great War (1914-1918) and of WW2 (1939-1945) lost their lives. We have created a Remembrance Garden in the church grounds as a sign of remembering them and reminding each other of the sacrifice paid by our community and fellowship. Their blood was like a seed of which our peace and freedom could grow up. We must remember, not just their names, and the facts (that there were 77 of them), but remember to live our lives in the light of that sacrifice as individuals, in our families and in our community.

As Christians we daily remember, at least we should remember daily (!), the sacrifice God brought for our freedom and redemption through Jesus Christ – and live our lives in the light of His sacrifice on the cross: “God demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8).

We have been redeemed, live the life we received as an undeserved gift in the light of the precious price that was paid for it. Seeking God’s peace, grace and forgiveness.

We will remember them:

Gordon MacLaren Aitchison

Scott McDiamid Aitchison

George Grandison Cowie

Robert Chapman Davie

William Fairbairn

Samuel White Fleming

James Forster

Alexander Charles Fraser

William Fraser

Robert Gibson

Robert Heddle

Thomas John Henderson

John Albert Kidd

George Cameron McEwan

Hunter Smith McGregor

Alexander McIntosh

Alexander McMurrich

Horatius Bonar Macnicol

Edward Mather

David Miller

James St Clair Murray

David Robertson

Charles Henry Stewart Sim

Archibald Walter Thomson

Robert Edward White

William Kenneth White

John Calderwood

Walter Cowan

Robert Anderson Cowe

James Alexander Cruickshank

William Wilson Davidson

James Douglas

David Hume

George Husband Millar

John Drysdale Miller

Thomas Duncan Miller

James Douglas Monro

Harry McLachlan Muir

George Neill

Alexander Peddieson

William Philip

John Ritchie

Alexander Wood

Alexander Hutton Adamson

Charles Morrison Black

Andrew Brown

Wilfred Andrew Dickson

Charles Clark Gall

Richard Gardiner

Charles Robertson Grant

James Hendrie Hamilton

David Hutchison

Robert Lawson

Edwin Nisbet

John Reid

Christopher H Rennie

William Short

John Cleugh Sinclair

James Sugden

Adam Walker

Angus Campbell Allan

Thomas Allan

Joseph Fraser

George Douglas Graham

Charles William Gilbert Gray

John Albion Harris

David Alexander Heggie

James Mather

Allan Meek

Noel Lindsay Morrison

Alfred Ovens

John Leete Paterson

Douglas Thomas Ritchie

James Heggie Cumming Speirs

Frederic Robert Maxwell Squair

Alexander Squire

William T Welsh