SSCB is part of God’s great family, and is a local expression of that family. When God called us into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, he also called us into fellowship with the whole family. And we are like a family. We are not perfect, only our Father is perfect and our Brother, Jesus Christ, and we love them and one another.

We gather around our Father and Brother as we worship, and pray together; eat, and play; and cry and rejoice together. It is good to be part of God’s family, for nobody is ever alone in it.


Prayer and getting to know God better is at the heart of of SSCB. Housegroups are small groups that meet in people's homes each week to find out more about our Christian faith.

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Church Lunch

Church lunch occurs monthly after a Sunday morning service. Everyone is welcome to attend, they are free of charge are require no commitment.

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