Running on Empty

“You have cast all my sins behind your back.” (Isaiah 38:17)

Easter is rapidly approaching, even if the weather is not too much a testimony to it. For some it means lovely spring flowers, cute yellow chicks, chocolate eggs and the like. I wonder what does it mean to you?

This Easter I invite you to focus on all that Christ has done for us on the cross, and all that His resurrection achieved.

You see He took upon himself all our sins and guilt, and he was pierced for our transgressions (Isaiah 53:4-5). Jesus died on the cross for our sins, for our guilt, and His death paid fully for us. The empty tomb on Ester morning proclaims that His sacrifice was sufficient, and both Jesus and we, who trust in Him mango free. We can run on empty, that is our sins have been removed. That’s what Easter can mean to all that put their trust in Christ.

I recently read a short story about Billy Graham. He was crossing the North Atlantic on a boat once. One morning as he got up he looked out the porthole of his cabin to see one of the blackest clouds he had ever seen. He was certain that they were in for a terrible storm. When they brought his breakfast into his cabin he spoke to the steward about the storm. the steward said, “oh, the storm, we’ve already come through it. It’s behind us.”

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you have already come through the storm of judgement. It happened at the cross! Don’t be bound by your guilt or your fears any longer, for sins’s penalty has already been paid completely and in full by Christ! It is behind you. You can run on empty!

Join us for Holy Week and Easter to celebrate and experience all that Jesus has done for you.

Wishing you a blessed Easter,

George, your minister

Holiday Club – Coming Soon!!!

Sock Wars – The Froth Awakens

Holiday Club 2018 at SSCB


While the glory hunters were fighting for the Rebel Alliance, One Wash Kenobi (Obi Wan’s cousin) set up a laundrette along with his Young Apprentice (City & Guilds), Luke Sockwasher. They hope to save a mixed colour run in less than 12 parsecs, but first there’s costumes, baking, songs, baking, games, baking and jokes: it’s Holiday Club 2018.

We will be welcoming children up to Primary 7 for a week of fun, games, drama and stories, looking through the Bible at a flawed hero, King David. He was still a special guy, much loved by God, and we look forward from him to Jesus, the perfect hero. Holiday Club 2018 will run for a week from 10am to noon Monday 2nd to Friday 6th April cleaning up with a family evening on Thursday 5th and a tumble (dry!) of a Holiday Club family service on Sunday 8th April.

Thanks in advance to the members of SSCB who are giving up their time to help and also to all those who are praying and baking behind the scenes. It’s not too late to sign up:


Promise for the New Year

During Advent and Christmas we were following the star as it led us to Christ. It was a wonderful bright sign giving us hope.

Well, Advent and Christmas are over, and we stepped into the New Year. Is there a sign from God for us for 2018?

Yesterday as we went for a walk between the showers, God offered another sign of promise to us. It was encouraging to see it on the sky. It was his sign of covenant God gave to Noah, the rainbow, a sign of God’s goodwill, kindness and mercy to humankind, to us. What a great way to star out in 2018. And it is all the more special, for it is a double rainbow!

Rainbow over Edinburgh 2nd January 2018 – by Web Admin

Follow the Star Picture Gallery 3

Here are the latest and last additions of the ‘Follow the Star’ Picture Gallery. We have seen and captured a great number of different stars. but the brightest was the One that heralded the coming of our Saviour. Thanks be to God!

By Web Admin
Star of the Christmas Market – by Web Admin
By Mairi
Stars with Haloes – by Mairi
By Mairi
Just as bright and shiny (smiley) when he was a new star – by Mairi
By Mairi
Old Star and New Star – by Mairi
By Steve
Rubik’s Star – Quite a Puzzle – by Steve

Follow the Star Picture Gallery 2

Our star gazers were very active and watchful. Thanks to everyone for the images sent. There are some great ones among them. But there is still time to find some more stars till Christmas.

It is our prayer that you will see and follow The Star that leads you to the Saviour so He can be the light (Star) of your life.

Here are the latest of the star harvest. We hope you will enjoy them.

Star at the Door by Elspeth
Paper Star by Steven
A Star by TheTitaniumNinja
Tin of Stars (for a rainy day) by Elspeth
A Star by Sean
Time to Sparkle by Sadie and Jim
Awesome Sibling Stars by Steven
Star of Bethlehem by Sadie and Jim
A Star by Andy
Star Bargain by Emma
Three Star Restaurant by WebAdmin
A Star is Born by Sadie and Jim
Star Table by WebAdmin
Visiting Star at Budafok RC Church (Hungary) by Emma
Star by Day at Calvin Square Reformed Church, Budapest by WebAdmin
Star by Night Calvin Square Reformed Church Budapest by WebAdmin
Powerful Transylvanian Star Card by WebAdmin
Tongue Twister Straw Star by WebAdmin
Let’s Fly with the Stars, Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest by WebAdmin

Lunch Club Christmas Dinner 2017

Lunch Club is always great fun and a much anticipated occasion at St Stephen’s. Especially so if it is Christmas Dinner that is prepared and served. Today was no exemption either! All sixty two guests can testify to this.

The kitchen was busy with chefs, cooks and helpers. Seventeen helpers served the delicious starters, the indispensable turkey main course, and the very tasty mince pie. Carol singing provided the necessary pause to digest the lovely bites.

After the Christmas message Santa also made an appearance, and he did not come with empty hands!

It was a very enjoyable time. Well-ken faces and newcomers are equally very welcome to join us at Lunch club on the first Friday of the month -except in January. Just check out our events diary!

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CAP Christmas Craft

Two Christmas Craft Days were recently organised by Edinburgh North CAP Centre at SSCB. People were able to learn new skills and produce some exciting and lovely craft pieces for Christmas. They found good company, much laughter and fulfilment. The occasions did whet the appetite of many to continue with doing craft in the future too. It was a great idea and memorable time for all.

Thanks to all the organisers and the participants. Here are a few of their lovely work.

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Follow the Star Picture Gallery

We challenged our congregation to Follow the Star this Advent and Christmas and find Jesus our Saviour.

One of the challenges is a photographic one. A good namer of them took up this challenged and were looking for stars around them. Here are the first results of their findings. Many thanks to the contributors.

Keep them coming.

Follow the Star

This Advent and Christmas join us as we ‘Follow the Star’ leading us to our Saviour. Ever since the Magi made their long journey to Bethlehem, they captured the imagination of people. But they are not the centre of the Christmas Story. They were journeying to its heart, to Jesus – whom they honoured, revered, and worshipped as their King!

They followed the star that led them to Jesus. So, follow the star with us as we seek Jesus. We will explore the story as it was recorded by Matthew in the first two chapters of his Gospel.

At the same time we invite you to look out for stars (any kind, shape, or size, galactic, or more earthly, even human, whoever, or whatever is a star in your eyes). Take a photo of them and email it to us. We would like to have a collection of them displayed here on the website and on our Facebook page. We hope to have a wonderful collection of ‘stars’ that give out light, guide others on the right path, lead to Jesus, offer hope, and love. Please email your ‘stars’ to

Enjoy your star gazing.


Christmas Coffee Morning


We invite you to our Christmas Coffee Morning and Craft Sale.

It is an excellent opportunity to get ready for Christmas. You will be able not only to find unique stocking fillers, have fun, enjoy a cuppa, meet people, but also to get into the spirit of Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season after all.

Ps. You will be able to pick up your Caring Christmas Tree too if you ordered it in time!

So come along and celebrate!

10:00-12:00 on Saturday, 9th of December.