Recently at SSCB

Recently at SSCB

Chinese Banquet and International Justice Mission

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Our Ladies’ Home Group inspired by the talk of Amy Westendarp from International Justice Mission took the initiative to organise a fundraising Chinese Banquet in support of IJM. So last Saturday (23 September 2017) some 80 to 100 people from the congregation and the community gathered at the halls to enjoy a delicious Chinese Banquet. The food was offered up by the ladies and prepared by them under the expert guidance of May. The tables were beautifully set, appropriate decorations covered the walls, and a variety of Chinese cuisine was on offer suiting every particular choice. Everybody went for seconds! The children were entertained by Kung fu Panda, while they enjoyed their Chines bites.

Amy spoke to us about the commitment of IJM to liberate enslaved children and people all over the world. We worship and serve a God who created all people for freedom. His creation, and love can be enjoyed to the full only if we, his creation are free. Free from sin, faults, hurts, free from being enslaved in any shape or form. Our God came fro a rescue mission to liberate us all. He became human and lived among us, loved us so much that He gave His life for our freedom. God did that in His Son, whom we got to know in Jesus Christ.

The evening raised over £1,000!

It was an amazing effort and a very enjoyable evening.

Praise to the Lord for the commitment of the ladies, IJM, and all those that came and enjoyed the fellowship and food, supporting the cause!