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Plant Whisperer

Plant Whisperer Experiment (image form
Plant Whisperer Experiment (image from

Do you enjoy plants and flowers? If you do, do you speak or sing to them, or play music to them? Perhaps you heard that some claim that singing to plants or playing music to them will enhance their fruitfulness. I heard this a while ago mainly in connection to tomatoes.

Recently a well known Scandinavian furniture company conducted an experiment with plants. They took two identical plants off their shelves and placed them in a high school setting. Both plants received the same treatment for 30 days: same amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients. What was different that they played recorded sentences to them. To one they played compliments, and positive statements: ‘You are beautiful.’ ‘You have lovely fragrance.’ and the like. To the other they played negative statements: ‘You are ugly.’ ‘You are useless’.

Throughout the 30 days pupils could observe the plants if they would be affected by the recordings.

Well, by the end of the experiment one plant withered and the other one flourished. You probably guessed that the plant that ‘heard’ only negative statements and abuse died eventually. The one that was complimented and encouraged flourished.

It was an experiment to reveal pupils the positive and negative effects of our words. Basically it was an anti-bullying experiment.

I found this absolutely fascinating. That’s the reason I am writing about it. Do we realise as Christians how detrimental or beneficial our words (and not only acts!) can be? They affect not only our fellow human beings, but the whole of Creation!

In Genesis 3:17 we find that the ground is cursed because of Adam’s disobedience (sin) to God! A bad act caused harm to the whole of creation. In his letter to the Romans Paul writes: “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.” According to Paul the whole of Creation is desperate to ‘hear’ the Good News of the children of God. Creation around us is in a desperate expectation for us to proclaim and live out the good things and blessings of God’s saving love! The above experiment seems to confirm this! Our behaviour, actions, words make a difference on a larger scale than one ever expected.

Speak good words, Good News, words of hope, and salvation, encouragement, life, and light to one another, to your neighbour, and even to your plants. It will make a difference!

New Printer Arrives

Old printer waiting to be delivered away

We are updating our printer at SSCB. A modern and more functional printer/copier is arriving to the office today. This will provide a better facility for all our printing and copying needs. It will be able to collate, bind publications, and it has many more features, adjusting the texts and images, their colour or size, but essentially they will be the same that were input in the machine.

In our life we also do this kind of printing and/or copying. Images, ideas are put into our hearts, and minds, and we might edit them, resize them, colour them in our own particular way but the essence of the original image will be still the same. It all depends what do we feed into our lives! Is it Christlikeness, godliness, or wordiness? The apostle Paul wrote: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” (Philippians 4:8-9).

New printer or old, it will print out the image we feed into it. We will “print out” in our lives, actions, and words what we fed into our hearts. Let them be true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable.

Holiday Club Day 4

If David thought his life will be easy after he was crowned king, he was badly mistaken. We learnt that today at Holiday Club. David was a godly man, still he made mistakes. He wasn’t perfect. It was a good lesson to learn.

Everyone enjoyed the story, the songs, and all the activities, the parachute games were a great success as ever.

It was dress up day, and the children came in the costumes of their favourite characters from Star Wars and other films and stories. Even the leaders dressed up, well they swapped their outfits. Still it was quite confusing to know who was who, and who wasn’t who he wasn’t or was. If you get what I mean. It was a colourful display.

At crafts they made posters and decorated masks. It looked that the fun will continue at home as all the children left.

It was good fun all way round.

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Holiday Club Day 3

Here we are, Day Three at the Laundrette is gone already. What a week it has been so far! So much fun, singing, games, exciting stories about David, plenty of nice cakes, and drama full of suspense! The children are just as excited on day three as they were on day one! Well this is Holiday Club after all.

After many years of waiting, finally David was crowned as king.Hhe had to wait patiently for God’s promise to be fulfilled. But God was faithful to him, David could trust in His Word! I suppose we all just need to believe and not be afraid, even if the waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled is long.

Lee told us, how he found God faithful in the past, which gives him the encouragement to trust Him for his future. Thank you Lee.

Lee’s Testimony

Great washing machine designs have been created by the different groups, each unique and particular to the group. At crafts, colourful bracelets, and spectacular crowns were created. They were fab!

Christine and Melville continued to keep our spirits, coffee and sugar levels high with their lovely refreshments. Most grateful we are!

We also had a visit from the youngest attender of the Holiday Club yet, Robert, just ten weeks old, brought his mum, Cat, along to see and enjoy the fun. You can’t start Holiday Club too young! It was great to have them. In the great commotion at the Laundrette Robert almost lost one of his socks! Thankfully we found it! Child and half pair of socks were happily reunited. That was a close call!

Keep your socks clean! Tomorrow is dressing up day, and in the evening Family Social for the parents!

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Holiday Club Day 2

Thankfully all the socks dried at the Laundrette, so Day Two at the Holiday Club could start without any hindrance. In fact this day was better than Day One! More young customers came along, about forty of them to get familiar with the life of King David, and how God’s love was working in him. Perhaps they wanted their socks washed too, but we ran out of time for that.

It was a very eventful day. The young David was chased by the raging, envious king, King Saul. He had to run for his life, and hide to save himself. He lived in fear, and was scared. In spite of all the threats David continued to believe! How helpful are Jesus’ words: ‘Don’t be afraid, just believe!’! (This is the Holiday Club’s memory verse by the way!) Have a look at the story if you would like:

We continued to sing, and jump and praise the Lord. The games were fun, and we did some very exciting crafts too. The jokes made us laugh. It was good fun. The children were very helpful sorting out the laundry, that is hanging them up in the right order for the memory verse to be revealed. Well done, they did it in record time, just over one minute!

Claire shared her testimony with us, which we found very encouraging. Thank you Claire! God is good!

We also heard an inspiring story form one of the parents. Their kids received some money for Easter. When they were asked what they want to do with the gift they got, they said they want to use it for the Holiday Club rather than sweets or toys! God bless them for their desire to be here.

So get those socks washed, David’s story is continuing tomorrow.

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Holiday Club Day 1

Hooray! Holiday Club has started!

Giant washing machine, dozens of costumes, boxfuls of crafts materials, trays of home baking, rounds of applause, pp dance, terrible line of doom! What is it? It cannot be anything else than the annual SSCB Holiday Club!

This year it is live from a Laundrette! It is a week long episode of the Sock War epic drama, with One Wash Kenobi and his young apprentice Luke Sockwasher. While they are in a cosmic battle to save the Laundrette and that way assure that the universe will not run out of clean well ironed socks (and pants) they tell about God’s love and grace manifested in the life of King David.

Some thirty children came to the Laundrette on day one. (All of them had clean socks, I hasten to add!) The Laundrette staff and their helpers welcomed the troops, many of them returning for the second, third, or umpteen times as friends. It was great to see them all!

We had a great day. The story of the anointing of the young shepherd boy, David, as king of Israel was told with colourful vividness. We sang, and jumped and laughed, played, explored the story and made crafts to remind ourselves that God looks at what is in the heart and not at what is on the surface (1 Samuel 16:7). And we sorted out the laundry, arranging them in the proper order on the washing line so the memory verse was revealed: “Jesus said: Don’t be afraid, just believe!” (Mark 5:36).

I hardly can wait until tomorrow. Better go and sort my laundry, now!

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Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

Easter Morning we gathered in Inverleith Park to worship the Risen Lord in the morning sunshine. It was a bright, sunny morning! Young and not so young with great smiles, and happy faces greeted each other: Christ is Risen! and promptly came the response; He is Risen Indeed!

We worshipped, sang, and prayed, and laughed together. It was a joyful start to celebrate the resurrection! All have brought their Easter eggs, each uniquely decorated, some with crosses, and empty tomb; others with chicks, donkeys, flowers and leaves, or bunnies. Somebody even brought duck eggs for good measure! (Very competitive!) Everything was ready for a good egg rolling session: we have got a sunny morning, a risen Lord, a very good slope running down to the pond, we have got our eggs. So we all enjoyed rolling the eggs.

Leaving the park we returned to the church for a great breakfast together. We continued worshipping in the church where many more people and a good number of visitors joined us. We finished that service by sharing in the Lord’s Supper. The youngsters created their versions of the Easter garden during worship.

The Lord is risen, and we have tasted and seen that He is good. Let us continue walking in the power and the hope of His resurrection.

Good Friday Walk of Witness

Comely Bank Churches Together celebrated Good Friday with a Walk of Witness in Comely Bank and Stockbridge, finishing the walk with a very meaningful Vigil service at Stockbridge Church.
In spite of the weather a good group of people joined together remembering the journey of our Saviour with the cross, and shared in worship, prayer and praise at the Vigil service.
We are grateful to our brothers and sisters of Bristo Baptist Church for the refreshments that encouraged us on our walk, and for the lovely lunch we all shared at the end at Stockbridge Church courtesy to their kind hospitality.
Representatives of the churches shared in the service reflecting on the words of Jesus on the cross.

Purple Day

We are joining Holly in drawing awareness to the illness of epilepsy. the 26th of March is Purple Day, a world-wide recognised awareness day for epilepsy.

On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness.

HollHolly will run a number of fundraising events on Monday the 26th and she invites you to support her and Purple Day by wearing something purple on the 26th. If someone asks you why do you were purple, just simply tell them it is because of epilepsy awareness day.

If you wish and are able, please support Holly’s fundraising too. The funds are in support of the work of Epilepsy Scotland. She set up a just giving page for this purpose: Holly Wagner’s Purple Day Fundraising Page

Just wear purple and make a difference.

Running on Empty

“You have cast all my sins behind your back.” (Isaiah 38:17)

Easter is rapidly approaching, even if the weather is not too much a testimony to it. For some it means lovely spring flowers, cute yellow chicks, chocolate eggs and the like. I wonder what does it mean to you?

This Easter I invite you to focus on all that Christ has done for us on the cross, and all that His resurrection achieved.

You see He took upon himself all our sins and guilt, and he was pierced for our transgressions (Isaiah 53:4-5). Jesus died on the cross for our sins, for our guilt, and His death paid fully for us. The empty tomb on Ester morning proclaims that His sacrifice was sufficient, and both Jesus and we, who trust in Him mango free. We can run on empty, that is our sins have been removed. That’s what Easter can mean to all that put their trust in Christ.

I recently read a short story about Billy Graham. He was crossing the North Atlantic on a boat once. One morning as he got up he looked out the porthole of his cabin to see one of the blackest clouds he had ever seen. He was certain that they were in for a terrible storm. When they brought his breakfast into his cabin he spoke to the steward about the storm. the steward said, “oh, the storm, we’ve already come through it. It’s behind us.”

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you have already come through the storm of judgement. It happened at the cross! Don’t be bound by your guilt or your fears any longer, for sins’s penalty has already been paid completely and in full by Christ! It is behind you. You can run on empty!

Join us for Holy Week and Easter to celebrate and experience all that Jesus has done for you.

Wishing you a blessed Easter,

George, your minister