‘When Jesus Comes to Church’ is the title of our new sermon series we begin in the New Year. It is based on Revelation 1-3.

Now some of you might be alarmed by this announcement. “No, not Revelation! The book is like a nightmare, it hardly makes any sense, what does it mean?” – some might say or ask.

Yet it is in Scripture. God saw it fit and important for us to include it in His Word. Yes, it contains symbolism, it is filled with terrifying present/future events, mythical type creatures, but it is filled with the Lord Himself.

Map of the seven churches in Asia Minor (Revelation 1-3) – click to enlarge
(Map taken from ‘New Bible Dictionary’ IIVP 2000)

And I believe that is the key when you read Revelation. Most people are hung up on the symbolism, the mythical creatures, and the events. So much so that they don’t see the woods for the trees and miss the central character of the book: the living and reigning Lord Jesus Christ! It is His revelation (Revelation 1:1)! It is about Him, He is present in it on every page.

The book in fact is not a nightmare vision, it is a letter from the Lord Jesus to seven churches in Asia Minor. It was meant as an encouragement to real churches who faced real issues and challenges in faith, and life. The letter is affirming that the Lord is real too in all His might, power and glory. He is alive, He reigns, He is victorious, and He is eternal. The letter is not meant to frighten them but to give them hope and confidence in Jesus. It is my prayer that you will be excited and not terrified, but encouraged and built up as we explore, study and pray through the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation together.

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