John Blanchard, in his pamphlet Why on Earth did Jesus Come? recalls how, some fifteen years ago or so, the Governor of the Bank of England, commenting on the UK’s Christmas trading, said: “The real significance of Christmas will not be known until Easter!”

“The real significance of Christmas will not be known until Easter!”

It is quite a statement, worthy of any good Gospel preaching pastor, and any faithful witness of Jesus Christ. Easter explains why Jesus came. Without Easter Jesus’ mission did not achieve its purpose. Without Easter our faith has no meaning.

As we are approaching Easter, in the forthcoming Sundays, by God’s grace, we will explore Jesus’ own words, His testimony, why He came. We will journey back to the authentic source, to Jesus himself, and hear from Him the reasons for His coming as He saw it. We do this that we will not miss the actual purpose of His unique mission. We do this that we will make no mistake about the meaning of Easter.

Spoiler alert! The Apostle Paul succinctly and powerfully summed up to Timothy the reason for Jesus’ coming:

“Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners – of whom I am the worst.” (1 Timothy 1:15)

Paul’s words were not just to fill in the space in his letter, they were heavy loaded with a tried and tested meaning. It is a testimony that can be trusted and should be embraced. It is something that we all need to hear, trust, and welcome as good news to us. For it declares nothing less than that Jesus came for us, for you and me! He came even for the worst in the world! The purpose of our sermon series is that we will hear, welcome, and accept this good news: Jesus came to save me! Praise, and glory, honour and blessing to God for His saving love in Jesus.

  1. Why Did Jesus Come? – To Fulfil the Law (Matthew 5: 17-20) ~ 20 February 2022
  2. Why Did Jesus Come? – To Preach the Good News (Mark 1:35-39) ~ 27 February 2022
  3. Why Did Jesus Come? – To Bring a Sword (Matthew 10: 34-39) ~ 13 March 2022
  4. Why Did Jesus Come? – To Call Sinners to Repentance (Luke 5:27-32) ~ 20 March 2022
  5. Why Did Jesus Come? – To Do the Father’s Will (John 6:35-40) ~ 27 March 2022
  6. Why Did Jesus Come? – To Testify to the Truth (John 18:28-40) ~ 3 April 2022
  7. Why Did Jesus Come? – To Give Life (John 10:1-10) ~ 10 April 2022

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