Right Rev. Colin Sinclair (Palmerston Place)

We are part of a cluster of congregations with Murrayfield, Palmerston Place and Stockbridge. We are exploring the ways we can serve our communities better together. One thing we can do is to learn from one another. I often shared that one of my favourite Scripture verses is Romans 1:11-12

“I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong – that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”

With this article series Wisdom of the Cluster, we want to grow and be encouraged by the shared wisdom of our brothers and sisters in the cluster.

We launch the articles with the wisdom of Very Rev. Colin Sinclair, minister of Palmerston Place. Colin and Palmerston Place gave thanks to God this week for the 40th anniversary of Colin’s ordination and ministry. Colin served the national church as her Moderator in 2019.

Q: Colin, how do you keep your faith strong?

A: Theologians talk about “the means of grace!” and by that they just mean that to keep your faith alive you need to prioritise: – making time for worship and spending time with other Christians – not getting isolated (not easy in a Covid19 world); keep your own devotional life alive through taking time to read the bible and pray and sharing in Communion and remaining active in Christian service.

Also, I have tried to keep in contact with people whose Christian lives I admire. Their example and inspiration have made me want to stand tall and be the best I could hope to be. Not wanting to let them down – many have been members of my congregation over the years though a good number of them have gone ahead to glory.

I have been inspired both by those I have met personally and those I have read about or whose writings have inspired me.

Finally, I have tried to set myself challenges and goals whether in study or service that take me beyond my comfort zone and increase my dependence on God.

Thank you Colin, and we also share in the thanksgiving for your fruitful ministry, wishing Ruth and you and Palmerston Place God’s continuing rich blessings in the ministry of the Gospel!

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